Buying Butchered Babies


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Biden spokesperson Jen Psaki dismissed Catholic concerns over fetal tissue harvesting Friday saying this White House “respectfully disagrees” with Catholic teaching. 

The pro-life community is disgusted Biden directed the Health and Human Services Department to remove President Trump’s ban on fetal tissue harvesting.

Lauren Enriquez, deputy media strategist for Students for Life Action:

The Biden administration wants us to believe they care about children who are in cages at the border. They want us to believe they care about vulnerable people in our country. The question I have is if you do not care about children who are dismembered and being sold for their parts, do you care about the vulnerable at all? 

Judicial Watch uncovered repulsive policies the federal government conducts in the name of health. A component of the abortion-pharmaceutical industry’s economic model is for taxpayer money to spend $2,000 dollars per baby.

Enriquez: “What this is motivated by is profit. We see that in the fact that ABR [Advanced Biosciences Resources] is purchasing bodies from Planned Parenthood … for $60 and  they’re selling them at a profit to the FDA, with our tax dollars, at a rate of $2,000 per baby part.”

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requests the specimens they buy be “fresh, never frozen” and up to 24 weeks old.

Most Americans and even pro-abortionists are against late-term abortions. When New York passed its radical late-term abortion law in 2019, 66% of likely voters and even 44% of so-called pro-choicers were against the law.

The process of abortion is brutal. It rips and mangles babies — leaving pieces that the FDA has a hard time using, resulting in requests for better samples. Those who work in the industry, however, are “heartbroken” when otherwise “beautiful tissues” are damaged in transit and are outraged over the loss of specimens.

Enriquez: “They couldn’t sex [identify] one of the samples that they were sent because the genitalia of the child had been ripped off in the process of killing the child in abortion. There were no tears over that. There were only tears over the loss of some samples that they couldn’t use for their gory, ghoulish research.”

Roughly half of Catholic voters went for Biden. If they had voted in line with the preeminent human rights issue — abortion — another 20 million votes could have gone to Trump, who had already stopped this barbaric practice.


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