Libraries Calling for CRT Dialogue


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Libraries have been at the forefront of pushing transgenderism on children since the first “drag queen story hour” in 2015. Church Militant’s Kristine Christlieb explores how one local library has now added critical race theory to its agenda.

A library in the Detroit suburbs is holding a series of dialogue sessions, aiming to create a “space for candid conversations about structural racism.”

Farmington, Michigan, children’s librarian Kristel Sexton invited representatives from the Community Equity Organization and Showing Up for Racial Justice to lead the dialogue and staff breakout sessions.

Showing Up for Racial Justice is a nationwide organization with ties to Black Lives Matter, and was founded specifically for White people. CEO is a local organization advocating only for Black people and people of color.

The 2 1/2 hour program began with instructions for the audience to listen to what language and definitions would be used before the actual dialogue began. Leaders immediately encountered pushback from participants.

Participant: “It should say non-White, then, is what it really should say.”

CRT leader: “You guys, you guys — I want you to hear what you’re saying because you are inferring again one group of people.”

A faithful Catholic who participated in the dialogue, including the breakout session, summed up for Church Militant the point being made: “I think their overall agenda is ⁠— there’s structural racism and there’s something inherently wrong with the whole system.”

In this example of so-called community dialogue, the handpicked facilitators controlled the definition of terms and the mic. They were the ones with power and privilege.

This kind of tightly controlled, agenda-driven programming is likely to pop up in other suburban libraries. It’s an excellent opportunity to get involved.

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