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PARIS ( – A French nationalist wants to cut her country off from the globalist agenda — and it just might work.

Marine Le Pen

Over the course of this week, French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen teased the possibility of pulling the eldest daughter of the Church out of the European Union — and even NATO — if she wins the runoff election on April 24.

Although Le Pen’s party, the National Rally, backed off its official “Frexit” policy after the 2017 election, the decision seems to have been in name only. In a speech Sunday, after winning entry to the second round of voting for the presidential election, the National Rally leader declared, “I will bring back France’s sovereignty in all areas — which means the freedom for the French people to decide for themselves and decide their interests. I will control immigration and re-establish security for all.”

 Le Pen’s proposition would cut EU funding by nearly $5.4 billion annually.

This proclamation is in line with what critics are calling “Frexit by stealth.” Le Pen has already drafted and promoted a constitutional amendment that would frustrate standard EU policies. Key tenets of the bill include hiring over 20,000 border-security agents, introducing (currently nonexistent) restrictions on EU residents crossing the French border, cutting immigration by 75% and giving preference to French businesses in government contracts. Additionally, Le Pen’s proposition would cut EU funding by nearly $5.4 billion annually.

Such actions would serve to politically isolate France, could cause it to incur financial penalties and might force it out of the left-leaning globalist regime. The presidential candidate, however, reminded voters “there are [other] collaborations,” which some interpret as suggesting an official coalition with Poland and Hungary.

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Le Pen’s opponent, globalist and apostate-Catholic Emmanuel Macron, is running on a pro-New World Order platform, with more EU and Ukrainian flags present at his campaign rallies than French flags. Macron claimed yesterday his opponent had a “dishonest” plan to covertly unplug France from the EU socket, announcing, “This election is a referendum on Europe.”

Emmanuel Macron

The National Rally leader seemingly agrees. Just today, she praised Britain’s own divorce from the toxic EU, noting, “The British got rid of the Brussels bureaucracy, which they could never bear, to move to an ambitious concept of global Britain.”

True to nationalist form, Le Pen has also suggested pulling France out of NATO military commitments “so as to be no longer caught up in conflicts that are not ours.”

But is “Frexit” feasible? Le Pen stated Tuesday that “a large majority of French people no longer want the European Union as it is today.” She’s right — the most recent EU-conducted “Eurobarometer” reports only 32% of French citizens actually trust the EU. No other EU member state has a lower trust rating.

Furthermore, Macron is slipping in the polls in proportion to Le Pen’s gains. The most recent data shows Macron lost five points over the past month and is currently sitting at 53% support. Le Pen, meanwhile, has gained five points.

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Far-left Jean-Luc Mélenchon and far-right Éric Zemmour were the next closest contenders in Sunday’s election, with 22% and 7.1%, respectively. Mélenchon’s supporters are reportedly split, with 33% indicating they’ll vote for Macron and 23% expressing support for Le Pen — the rest intend to abstain. Zemmour, on the other hand, quickly endorsed Le Pen following his concession, and she seems likely to pick up most of his supporters.

Le Pen is also dominating the popularity contest among France’s working class, while Macron is performing badly.

A large majority no longer want the European Union as it is.

Finally, newly elected presidents in France have always won a functioning majority in the National Assembly. Thus, a Le Pen victory would likely be followed by a National Rally win in the legislative branch, giving the party the leverage needed to realize a “France first” agenda.

If Le Pen wins in 10 days, the globalist design for Europe will be dealt a massive — and perhaps fatal — blow.

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