Liberal in Moderate’s Clothing


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Given the current 50–50 split in the U.S. Senate, every race in every state is crucial. In Pennsylvania, a CINO (Catholic in Name Only) Democrat is masquerading as a moderate.

But as Church Militant’s Kristine Christlieb explains, the party mask has slipped. Congressman Conor Lamb’s carefully cultivated “centrist” Democrat persona is taking a hit.

Rep. Conor Lamb, D-Pa.: “I’m Conor Lamb. I talk with Pennsylvanians every day who have come to believe our democracy is in crisis.”

President Joe Biden: “Go out and make sure he [Lamb] wins!”

The fake Catholic was unmasked this week when it was revealed he’s had a partnership with a radically progressive campaign firm. Lamb hired Fireside Campaigns, a majority-queer-owned progressive consulting firm advising a “who’s who” list of far-left candidates and organizations, including Black Lives Matter.

It was the firm’s illegal fundraising tactics for BLM that landed it, and Lamb, in the news.

Church Militant’s political analyst Jim Ellis assesses the damage to Lamb’s primary campaign against Lt. Gov. John Fetterman.

Jim Ellis, political analyst, Church Militant:

They’re both from the Pittsburg area — Lamb and Fetterman — but the primary will be decided out of Philadelphia. That’s going to favor Fetterman because a.) he’s a statewide official and b.) he’s perceived as being further to the left. Lamb plays that game that he looks like he’s the moderate, but he’s really not in terms of his voting, and so that association with that firm doesn’t surprise me a bit.

Lamb’s voting record is pause-worthy.

A Washington Free Beacon headline says it all: “‘Moderate’ Conor Lamb Votes with Far-Left Squad Almost 90 Percent of the Time.”

Planned Parenthood Action Fund gives Lamb a 100% rating for supporting abortion. He’s been endorsed by gun-control group Everytown for Gun Safety.

The only progressive issue he won’t endorse is the Green New Deal. Coming out against fracking would be political suicide in his petro-rich district.

The Catholic vote could make or break Pennsylvania’s Senate race. Calling out fake Catholics with their anti-Catholic policies is crucial.

To bring out the Democrat vote in Philadelphia, Lamb is waving Trump like a flag, reminding voters Trump has been to the state three times to campaign against him.

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