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A new report is revealing links between Cdl. Angelo Becciu and the U.S. political swamp’s effort to destroy Donald Trump. Church Militant’s Hunter Bradford explores some troubling connections.

Currently on trial at the Vatican for corruption, Becciu was a manager for the Vatican City-State. He surrendered both his office and his rights as a cardinal in September 2020 at Pope Francis’ demand — after Francis received reports of Becciu’s shady financial dealings.

George Neumayr, Catholic investigative journalist: “It appears that Becciu used the exact same company that Hillary Clinton used to spy on Donald Trump — a company that was also incidentally used by the Joe Biden campaign.”

Becciu used Neustar to transfer more than $800,000 to Australia in 2016 and 2017, allegedly to bribe witnesses in the trial of Cdl. George Pell. Becciu denied the allegation, claiming the transfers had nothing to do with Pell, but refused to reveal their purpose.

During Trump’s presidency, Neustar’s servers did contain internal data for Trump Tower and the White House. It was Neustar’s then vice-president Rodney Joffe who mined the data from the company’s servers and gave it to Democrat lawyer Michael Sussmann, who then handed it to the Obama administration and to the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Neumayr: “Is this just a bizarre coincidence or does this suggest that this company exists to help liberal political and ecclesiastical figures spy on their enemies?”

As more information regarding Big Tech, Big Church and Big Government emerges, it only brings about more questions — at least for those who are actually looking for answers.

Until Friday’s hearing, Becciu is refusing to answer further questions, claiming they are “harmful to his priestly dignity and offensive to the entire College of Cardinals, of which he is a member.”

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