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Establishment politicians, whether tyrannical Democrats or capitulating Republicans, have made life worse for everyday Americans. In a growing nationwide movement, patriots are taking the initiative to run for office. In tonight’s In-Depth Report, Church Militant’s Trey Blanton highlights several who are running to take back America for the people.

Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., House minority leader (Jan. 13, 2021): “The president bears responsibility for Wednesday’s attack on Congress by mob rioters.”

Reporter (Jan. 21, 2021): “Do you believe that President — former President — Trump provoked?” 

McCarthy: “I don’t believe he provoked, if you listen to what he said at the rally.”

Americans are tired of unprincipled politicians who sway whichever way the political winds blow. Christian conservatives want them to uphold values. Many of them traveled to the border at McAllen, Texas, in January to discover for themselves the consequences of the establishment trading power back and forth and not enacting solutions.

Drew-Montez Clark, R-Fla., candidate for U.S. House of Representatives: “When you talk about a group of people that are only concerned about power, position, money — they’re not interested in sacrificing any of that for the will of the people. And they don’t care, ultimately, what the table looks like, so long as they’re there.”

The “We Stand America” tour is looking to empower citizens from across the nation to step up in their respective communities. 

Cait Corrigan, R-N.Y., candidate for U.S House of Representatives: “We’re seeing so much tyranny over the past two years — the closing of our small businesses, the closing of our churches. Meanwhile, casinos and liquor stores remained open. They were deemed “essential,” but our places of worship and our small businesses were not.”

Grassroots candidates are stepping up with little to no political experience. Many with diverse backgrounds are numbered among the group, including homeschool moms.

Mallory Staples, R-Ga., candidate for U.S. House of Representatives:

Our election process has been tampered with, and the people are fed up. They do not have confidence that their vote is going to get counted, that it matters. So we just need integrity. We need accountability, first and foremost, for what’s already happened, and the data’s there for that. And, then, we need fighters.

Military servicemen across the ranks are also throwing their hats in the ring, with an enlisted sailor running for Congress in Florida.

Brian Perras, R-Fla., candidate for U.S. House of Representatives: “My opponent is a lifelong career establishment politician, Gus Bilirakis. He voted for red flag gun laws; he voted for HR 550, which is a vaccine passport; he gets a lot of money from Big Pharma.”

And a former lieutenant colonel airman running for governor of New Mexico.

Jay Block, R-N.M., gubernatorial candidate: “In New Mexico, we have an open border. There’s a big gap between Arizona and Texas. What we’re seeing is amazing amounts of human trafficking, sex trafficking, employment trafficking and tons of drugs. Drugs have devastated our families and our state.”

Americans can no longer live their normal lives and stay out of politics. Patriots need to be actively engaged to take the country back from those who would destroy it. Catholics and underdog candidates are stepping up across America to challenge the status quo. The midterm results will shine a light on the direction the country will go.


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