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While U.S. Catholics are leaving Holy Mother Church in droves, bishops are helping escort hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants into the country every year.

Immigration was a top theme at the “We Stand America” event in McAllen, Texas.

Craig Hudgins, a Marine veteran and a faithful Catholic, spoke to Church Militant about his experience fighting battles in which the bishops are actually on the opposite side.


Our Catholic Church has, in many cases, paid for hotels to be filled with people coming across the border. They’ve done it all through the south area, and then they facilitated the movement of those individuals to various communities.

The Catholic Church has aided and abetted criminal activity by doing what they’re doing. Those NGOs, the nongovernmental organizations that are working with the government — that are Catholic organizations — they’ve done things, spending money you gave them to be able to use [for] what you thought would be good measures, good things. But they just used them [sic] for their own wanton concepts of you know, just, evil — evil designs.

One of those NGOs the bishops use is Catholic Charities. Many of the faithful believe the group is anything but Catholic. 

Christie Hutcherson, founder of Women Fighting for America: “Catholic Charities is one of the, in my opinion where I’ve seen, they’re one of the largest facilitators of this human trafficking that’s going on.”


They get government contracts to help facilitate all of these young UACs [unaccompanied children] coming across the border. They put them through their facility. They find “foster homes” for them — they’re not being vetted. They give them new clothing — you’ll see that on the aircraft; they get clothing, shoes, backpacks, all of that. And then they just funnel them out to whoever.

As reported in August 2015, for instance, Catholic Charities was discovered to be a dues-paying member of the Coalition on Human Needs, a group that publicly advocates for abortion funding.

Bishops selling out Our Blessed Lord isn’t anything new. Judas monetarily benefited with 30 shekels. But the U.S. bishops today make a very pretty profit from the federal government.

Michael Voris:

That figure, if we can freeze that, guys, for a moment please. That figure right there, that “2,” that’s not $2,022 and 10 cents. These numbers are in the millions. So that is two billion, twenty-two million, one-hundred-thousand dollars — over $2 billion the U.S. bishops have received from the federal government between 2008 and 2015 — for immigration, housing, transportation.

A large part of the over $2 billion goes to Catholic Charities.

Church Militant also had the chance to ask Heather Hobbs some questions. Heather is a mother of five and survivor of rape who speaks around the country against the evil of abortion. As a non-Catholic Christian, even she knows about Catholic Charities’ fixation with illegal immigration.

Heather Hobbs, spokesperson, John Birch Society:

I know when I got down here to the border, I had various police officers, border agents — and many of them Catholic — saying, “stay away from Catholic Charities” because they are encouraging the human trafficking and drug epidemic that we’re seeing, which is obviously very anti-Christian, anti-America.

In 2020, the CEO of Catholic Charities in Eastern Washington, Rob McCann, signaled his great virtue by calling himself a racist after George Floyd was killed. 

McCann: “I am a racist. That’s the hard truth. I am a racist. How could I not be?”

Unfortunately, McCann didn’t stop there. He claimed Holy Mother Church Herself is racist too.

McCann: “My Catholic Church — and my Catholic Charities organization — is racist. How could they not be? Our Catholic faith tradition was built on the premise that a baby born in a manger in the Middle East was a White baby.”

Illegal migration has consequences, sometimes deadly. Charles Galloway was a constable in Houston, Texas. On Sunday morning, Jan. 23, he was shot dead by an illegal immigrant.

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