Fully Vaccinated Die


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This week’s death of fully vaccinated Colin Powell from COVID complications may not be an outlier. Recent data from the Public Health Agency of Sweden reveals 70% of COVID-related deaths in September were of fully vaccinated people.

Even so, Swedish health minister Lena Hallengren last month was warning, “More efforts are needed to make vaccine coverage even higher.”

And rates are similar in the United Kingdom, where an Oct. 7 report by the Health Security Agency showed nearly 80% of September COVID deaths also occurred in the fully vaccinated. Buried on page 24 of the U.K. report seems to be a guilty admission that more lives may have been saved without the jab.

The report says the United Kingdom will no longer estimate lives saved by getting the so-called vaccine.

Health Security Agency report: “This is due to these models being unable to account for the interventions that would have been implemented in the absence of vaccination. Consequently, over time, the state of the actual pandemic and the no-vaccination pandemic scenario have become increasingly less comparable.”

U.K. protestor: “I think we’re being taken over by what’s becoming a totalitarian state which is based on very bad science, in fact, false science, and there’s fraud behind a lot of it.”

Fake-Catholic Joe Biden has been willing to kill jobs, ruin families, throttle the American economy and trample on many personal freedoms, all for a jab that’s being exposed as ineffective.

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