Scientist Urges Pope to Rethink Vax Crusade


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ROME ( – An internationally renowned scientist and medical doctor who invented the mRNA vaccine technology is urging Pope Francis to reconsider his vaccine extremism by giving individuals the freedom of choice to accept or reject medical intervention. 

Dr. Malone addressing the International Covid Summit, Rome

In an exclusive interview with Church Militant Tuesday, Dr. Robert Malone warned that the “approach of mandated interventions, whether they be vaccines or any other procedure” failed to “respect the sanctity of the individual and their body.”

“There are cultures that mandate disfiguring practices on women, which we would agree is inappropriate,” said Dr. Malone, who was visiting Rome to address the International COVID Summit in the Italian Senate.   

The scientist insisted the Church might need to “slightly pivot its position” from its current hardline stance without abandoning its advocacy for vaccination.

“Vaccinate only the ones that need it,” Malone pleaded, insisting that physicians should be allowed to practice medicine and “not only have to comport with some guidance that is coming from above from the government and the pharmaceutical industries.”

Malone: How the Church Can Lead

When Church Militant asked the vaccinologist what advice he would give Pope Francis on vaccine policy if the pontiff were to grant him a five-minute audience, Malone listed four areas where the Catholic Church could take a significant lead.  

I would tell His Holiness that I believe in the rights of the individual to accept medical interventions and that they have the right to make that choice.

Malone insisted that rather than an indiscriminate, obligatory and coercive vaccination regime in the West, the pope could emphasize the need for global vaccine equity and redistribution of the jab to the vulnerable, elderly and those in the “high risk” category.

The expert in virology, immunology and molecular biology pleaded with Francis to support “early intervention” using a variety of drug regimens that would “allow physicians to practice medicine” instead of a last-minute intervention when the patient is critical.

Malone, who is credited with over a hundred articles in peer-reviewed scientific and medical journals, highlighted the work of the Italian medical association and conference organizer Ippocrate as a leading light in early intervention protocols.

Dr. Malone outlines his advice on how the Church can lead on confronting COVID.

“In order to have early treatment, we have to have early diagnosis,” Malone emphasized. He called for “making available diagnostic tests that can be used in the home” even if they over-estimate positive COVID-19 results. 

A consultation with one’s physician following the results could lead to a decision on whether to start therapy, Malone advised. 

The scientist, whose discoveries in mRNA non-viral delivery systems are considered key to the COVID-19 vaccine strategies, urged empowering individuals in the Church and the world with the tools need to make an “assessment about their personal risk.”

Vaccinate only the ones that need it.

There are several such tools that could be downloaded onto mobile phones, iPads, or computers so people could input information about their personal health status and get a “self-assessment of what their true risk is,” Malone explained. 

“I think if we had that, people would be able to get away from the fear. They would learn that, for most people, there is nothing to fear here for them in excess of any other major respiratory infection,” he remarked. 

Those who are at high risk can seek a vaccine, Malone said. “I would tell His Holiness that I believe in the rights of the individual to accept medical interventions and that they have the right to make that choice.”   

Cdl. Burke was labeled a “denier” by Pope Francis 

Church Militant pointed out that Malone might give a fifth piece of advice to Pope Francis — to not demonize people as “anti-vaxxers.” Malone chuckled and replied: “I would appreciate that.” 

Church Pushes Medical Apartheid

Several bishops and clergy led by Pope Francis are engaged in a pro-vaccine crusade which has resulted in a form of “vaccine apartheid” — segregating, excluding and demonizing conscientious objectors to the abortion-tainted jab.

Speaking at an in-flight press conference, Francis railed against prominent traditionalist Cdl. Raymond Burke, demonizing him as a “denier.” 

“In the College of Cardinals, there are a few deniers. One of them, the poor man, contracted the virus,” the pontiff told reporters Wednesday as he flew home from a trip to Slovakia. 

“But one of them, poor thing, has been hospitalized with the virus. These are the ironies of life,” Francis mocked, without referring to Burke by name.  

Burke, a conscientious objector to the jab, was hospitalized last month after contracting the virus but has since recovered. Catholics on social media blasted Francis for his “low blow” and “unprincipled attack,” calling it “very unbecoming for a man in his position.”

In the College of Cardinals, there are a few deniers. One of them, poor man, contracted the virus.

Others pointed out it was an “irony” that Burke “now has a greater immunity to the virus than the pope does.” 

In July, the Pontifical Academy for Life (PAL) intensified its crusade against so-called vaccine hesitancy by co-opting scientists on globalist bodies to attack “anti-vaxxers,” who, they claim, are spreading “misinformation and fake news,” Church Militant reported.

A forthcoming Vatican health forum at the end of September will host high-profile Israeli rabbi Avraham Steinberg who demonizes conscientious objectors to the jab as criminals and “murderers” and declares it obligatory for governments to punish vaccine refuseniks.

Francis mocks Burke at a presser while flying back from Slovakia

Steinberg’s fanatical views on the jab have been condemned by Jewish scholars and fellow rabbis as “extremely misleading” and “hateful.” 

Vatican City imposed a vaccine passport in August excluding unvaccinated persons and enforcing institutionalized coercion and discrimination in violation of the Nuremberg Code, Italian constitution and a recent Council of Europe resolution, Church Militant reported

Later, last month, pontifical universities began coercing students and staff to take the abortion-tainted jab or pay for expensive COVID-19 testing every 48 hours if they wish to teach or attend lectures or use the library or refectory.

So-called fact-checkers, many espousing left-wing ideology and funded by the vaccine-pushing Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, have made repeated attempts to discredit Dr. Malone by running disinformation campaigns against Malone even though the scientist’s work has resulted in over 10 patents and over 13,000 citations in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

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