China Grooms McCarrick


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Catholics will have a hard time forgetting 2018’s “summer of shame,” marked by revelations exposing former-cardinal Theodore McCarrick’s massive sex abuse scandal. But documents are now coming to light revealing McCarrick’s dealings with corrupt politicians and communist regimes. 

In 2013, then-cardinal McCarrick spoke at two events organized by the China Energy Fund Committee (or CEFC), a company owned by China’s Communist Party. 

Speaking at one event — the New York Forum On World Civilizations — McCarrick titled his speech “The Mystery of Dialogue.” In his talk, McCarrick stressed the Catholic Church needs a “new rebirth” of dialogue with other religions, especially China’s Confucianism. He called for Catholics to learn from the “great glory … in other religions.” 

McCarrick is said to have orchestrated the China-Vatican accord, an agreement between Church officials and communist leaders about the appointment of bishops in China. Critics say the agreement has only led to more persecution for Chinese Catholics.

The cardinal spoke at another event organized by the CEFC, titled “Core Values and World Order.” McCarrick went on to praise the “brilliance” of Dr. Patrick Ho, The CEFC’s deputy chairman and secretary general. Dr. Patrick Ho is a business associate with Hunter Biden, the committee’s managing director. 

In an audio recording, Hunter dubbed Dr. Ho as a leading spy for China. 

Hunter Biden: “I have another New York Times reporter calling about my representation of the — literally — Patrick Ho, the f****** spy chief of China.”

In 2019, The U.S. Department of Justice indicted Dr. Ho for using the CEFC to cover up his “schemes to bribe top officials for business advantages.”

McCarrick wrapped up his speech for the committee by drawing a lengthy comparison between Pope Francis and Xi Jinping, leader of China’s Communist Party. The disgraced cardinal also drew connections between the “doctrines of Catholics and the communist doctrine.” 

McCarrick insisted the One True Faith shares common principles of human dignity with Confucianism and, ultimately, communism. All this strengthens what Church Militant discussed in 2019, that a young McCarrick spent time in St. Gallen, Switzerland — a hotbed of communist training.

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