Islamist to ‘Protect’ Religious Freedom


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Barrack Obama assigned Rashad Hussain as envoy to an international Muslim organization despite Hussain’s connection to Islamic terrorist groups. Church Militant’s Trey Blanton reports fake Catholic Joe Biden wants this suspected jihadist supporter in charge of protecting religious freedom. 

Rashad Hussain is awaiting a confirmation hearing before the Senate for the position of ambassador-at-large for the Office of International Religious Freedom. The office is responsible for addressing religiously motivated abuses around the world.

Hussain, however, is accused of supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamic fundamentalist organization seeking to implement Sharia law around the world.

Hussain’s 2004 remarks in support of a man who contributed to the Palestine Islamic Jihad were deflected by Obama administrators.

Fox News reporter in 2010: “A White House official did talk to Rashad Hussain, late yesterday, he does admit and remember going to the 2004 discussion … But when it comes to exactly whether or not he made those comments, the White House official told us, ‘He has no recollection.'”

An Egyptian magazine praised Hussain’s placement in Obama’s administration because he was among, “Islamist activists who … are Muslim Brotherhood operatives who enjoy strong influence over U.S. policy.”

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) endorses Hussain’s appointment by Biden. CAIR’s founders are unindicted co-conspirators on terrorist charges, also in support of Muslim Brotherhood activity in Palestine.

The organization in America is accused of raising money for terrorist operations and issuing propaganda to convince Americans that Islam is a so-called religion of peace.

Devout Muslims see adherents of other religions as second-class citizens. If the Senate approves Hussain’s appointment, persecuted Christians will most likely be ignored.

Nations where Muslims hold power are among the most violent towards Christian minorities. And, in Europe, Muslim rape gangs are allowed to roam nearly unimpeded.


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