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“Told you so.” That’s what Church Militant, sex abuse victims, people turned away from seminaries for being “too straight” and others have to say about the infestation of sodomites in the priesthood.


Msgr. Jeffrey Burrill, ex-cardinal McCarrick, Fr. James Martin

Last week, a report published in The Pillar detailed cell phone usage data linked to ex-USCCB general secretary Msgr. Jeffrey Burrill. The report suggested he used the gay hook-up app Grindr during meetings when traveling for official business and in his off hours.

The revelation was a nuclear bomb dropped right on target. All the leftist Catholics reacted exactly as expected: They were outraged that Burrill’s privacy was “violated” and didn’t think it was a big deal that he was likely engaging in sodomy as a representative of the U.S. Catholic bishops’ conference.

Nor was it — apparently — a big deal to them that Burrill’s phone was tracked to a Las Vegas bathhouse. This was right after the revelations that, for decades, ex-cardinal Theodore McCarrick had been a homosexual predator. 

Part of Burrill’s job at the USCCB was to formulate a response to the McCarrick scandal; this is, perhaps, why the bishops’ response was so flaccid.

Sodomy activist Fr. James Martin claimed the article and the outrage of faithful Catholics against sodomite priests show “a deep homophobia.” 

“Articles like that and tactics like that, from a supposedly Catholic website, give many Catholics (and others) permission to hate. Or to hate even more. And none of that is coming from God,” he maintained in another Tweet.

What if information like this had been uncovered with a private investigator instead of using phone data? Would that have been a violation of privacy?

The sodomite priests and bishops have spent decades lying and acquiring positions of power — through which they subvert the gospel of Christ for their own pseudo-gospel. They feigned orthodoxy when it was necessary for their goals, but they shunned it when they got what they wanted.

Now, people like Martin are whining that one of their own was outed by using a method of information gathering that corporations use on millions of people every day. He and others like him don’t care if the Catholic Church is being violated and hijacked by heretics.

The sodomite priests and bishops have spent decades lying and acquiring positions of power — through which they subvert the gospel of Christ for their own pseudo-gospel.

But the revelations are far from over. Another article titled “Location-Based Apps Pose Security Risk for Holy See,” which was published yesterday in The Pillar, is implying the Grindr data from Burrill’s phone might not be the only data points they have. There is similar data tied to the Vatican. It’s a warning to the sodomites in authority that people are on to them — and faithful Catholics are sick and tired of being ruled by moral degenerates.

These reports are good because, for many mainstream Catholics, they’re an introduction to the satanic infestation of sodomy in the priesthood.

For years, Church Militant has been reporting on shameless sodomitical priests and their massive moral, financial and spiritual abuse. It’s about time other organizations start outing them too.

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