US Catholic Bishops Attend Conference Promoting Same-Sex “Marriage”


From June 21-24, the Association of United States Catholic Priests (AUSCP) held its annual assembly in Minneapolis, MN.  Participating in the conference were at least three Catholic Bishops: Archbishop John Wester of Santa Fe, NM; Bishop Richard Pates of Crookston, MN; and Bishop William Wack of Pensacola, FL.

The Lepanto Institute was on location for the duration of the Assembly, holding two Rosary Rallies of Reparation for the heresies and sacrileges being promoted by the AUSCP while further monitoring the AUSCP’s activities.  While the AUSCP has vocally supported homosexuality in the priesthood and acceptance of active homosexuals into parish life, this is the first time that outright support for same-sex marriage has been openly promoted at the AUSCP assembly.

One of the vendors at the AUSCP’s Assembly was New Ways Ministry, an organization condemned by both the USCCB and the Vatican.  Sitting on the table of News Ways Ministry were bumper stickers which said, “Catholics for Marriage Equality: GOD IS LOVE.”

It should be noted that New Ways Ministry not only promotes homosexual “marriage equality”, it also publishes articles (examples here and here) that suggest that homosexual sexual acts are not sinful.

But it shouldn’t come as any surprise that New Ways Ministry is permitted to promote same-sex “marriage” at the AUSCP Assembly since one of the members of the AUSCP leadership team, Fr. Peter Daly, is also on the Board of Directors of the New Ways Ministry.

On June 22, day 2 of the AUSCP Assembly, Fr. Daly tried to snatch a phone from LifeSiteNews reporter, Jim Hale.  Hale, referring to the bumper stickers, accused Fr. Daly and the AUSCP of promoting same-sex “marriage.”  Fr. Daly did not deny the accusation, but instead claimed that they are promoting “charity.”  Here is a recording of that brief exchange:

In addition to the open promotion of same-sex “marriage” were fliers promoting transgenderism, forcing Catholic businesses to hire self-professed LGBTQ individuals, and promoting homosexuality and transgenderism among the youth.

The presence of the bishops at the AUSCP Assembly under these circumstances is critical.  Abp. Wester is the Episcopal Moderator for the AUSCP, which means he gives the AUSCP spiritual guidance and acts as a liaison for the USCCB.  Since he, Bp. Pates and Bp. Wack were participants in the assembly, there is absolutely no way they were not aware of the promotion of same-sex “marriage” taking place.  And they could not have ignored this pamphlet calling on Catholic employers to pledge “not discriminate in employment practices on the basis of marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity and personal support for marriage equality.” [emphasis added]

We also saw a pamphlet promoting transexual activism, establishing the notion that men dressed or surgically altered to resemble women or vice versa should be allowed full and active participation in all aspects of parish life, regardless of perverse moral activity.

Perhaps worst of all is this pamphlet on holding workshops to introduce the false teachings of New Ways Ministry and its homosexual activism into Catholic schools.

The New Ways Ministry website dedicated to this initiative explains the purpose and scope of the workshop, stating, “This workshop is designed to help participants develop LGBTQ initiatives that fit the unique character of your school community.”  Among the stated outcomes, the workshop claims that participants will:

“Acquire understanding of church teaching on sexual ethics and social justice, theological debates, advances and trends in Catholic schools”

Considering the fact that New Ways Ministry professes that homosexual relationships are good and promotes same-sex “marriage,” it is very easy to conclude that this workshop will not be providing a proper understanding of “church teaching on sexual ethics.”

Here are a few more pictures of pamphlets and paraphernalia handed out at the AUSCP Assembly in Minneapolis:

All of this activity was openly flaunted in front of these bishops in attendance at the Assembly:

  • Archbishop John Wester, Episcopal Moderator and Assembly Mass Presider
  • Bishop Richard Pates, Minneapolis-St.Paul Archdiocesan Welcomer and Concelebrant
  • Bishop William Wack, CSC gave a major presentation titled, “Pastoral Directions for our U.S. Church Going Forward”

By participating in a conference that allows open promotion of active homosexual relationships and same-sex “marriage,” the only conclusion one can draw is that these bishops (at least silently) are supportive of what these materials advocate.

Other bishops who are either members or have previously participated in AUSCP events are:

  • Cardinal Blase Cupich
  • Cardinal Wilton Gregory
  • Archbishop Robert Carlson
  • Bishop John Stowe (member)
  • Bishop Gregory Hartmeyer
  • Bishop Robert McElroy

This is scandalous beyond measure! These bishops must disavow and condemn the AUSCP, bar them from any diocesan activity and publicly repudiate the errors promoted at the assembly.  Anything short of this is an active betrayal of their God-given ministry of safeguarding the flock Christ entrusted to them.

Be sure to contact your bishop and ask him to publicly condemn the AUSCP and forbid his priests from being members!

Click here for a sample letter you can send.

Click here to find the contact information for your bishop!


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