Juneteenth: Who Really Wants to Eradicate Slavery?


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Slavery in the United States was put out of business in 1865. That’s what our newest federal holiday, Juneteenth, is all about, so we are told. In response, corporate America dutifully bent over backwards to demonstrate its solidarity with the occasion through innumerable “anti-racist” initiatives and self-congratulatory proclamations.

Drag Queen story hour at Colectivo Coffee

Yet, despite its wokeness, corporate America remains insensible to the fact that it funds and promotes slavery of the sexual and spiritual variety every day. This screaming-yet-unacknowledged irony hit me full on this Juneteenth while praying a Rosary of reparation outside a corporate-sponsored drag queen story hour (DQSH).

In what could only be described as a (political) fashion faux pax, Wisconsin-based Colectivo Coffee chose June 19 not to celebrate Juneteenth but to re-launch its drag queen story hour program at its locations in Milwaukee, Madison and Chicago. The company had been building a fairly robust DQSH program for the last few years but was forced to cease in-person events due to the dreaded COVID (We wouldn’t want kids and parents getting a cold while poisoning their souls). Presumably, now that the death-jabs have been widely distributed, the leaders of Colectivo felt it safe to resume the program and bring back the queens. 

Are these organizations going to continue pretending there is no connection between drag queen story hours and today’s multi-billion-dollar sex-trafficking (i.e., slavery) industry?

Colectivo is not alone in this crusade, however. Funding and promoting their DQSH events has been an organization called the Cream City Foundation (“cream city” is a nickname for Milwaukee, though in this case, the double entendre is no doubt intentional). Until recently, the foundation very publicly declared its proud support for drag queen story hours at Colectivo and other locations.

“DQSH captures the imagination and play of the gender-fluidity of childhood and gives kids glamorous, positive and unabashedly queer role models,” Cream City Foundation proclaimed on its drag queen story hour web page.


Elsewhere on its website, you could see who was funding and supporting this noble mission, a veritable who’s who of local and regional corporations, colleges and organizations, including Harley Davidson, Miller Coors, General Electric, U.S. Bank, Baird Financial Services, and Catholic and Jesuit Marquette University (which hosted a drag queen story hour of its own in 2019).  

But suddenly, amid the fanfare of the post-COVID return of in-person drag queen story hours, the Cream City Foundation is nowhere to be found. Visiting its once-vibrant website, one is met only with the grim statement:  

The Cream City Foundation is deeply troubled, angered and shocked to learn of the allegations involving our former CEO, Brett Blomme. Cream City Foundation categorically denounces the actions he is accused of as abhorrent and totally contrary to the values that Cream City Foundation holds dear. We are deeply concerned about the young victims of all child sex crimes and we reiterate our commitment to the safety and well-being of all youth in our community. 

Drag queen and Brett Blomme

Brett Blomme, you see, who had resigned as CEO of Cream City Foundation in 2020 to assume his role as Milwaukee County’s first openly gay circuit court judge, was officially charged last March with seven counts of possession of child pornography. According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, “the criminal complaint charges that Blomme uploaded as many as 27 images and videos of children being sexually abused last fall, using the messaging app Kik.” 

Lo and behold, when perusing the Cream City Foundation website today, all mention of its association with drag queen story hours has vanished. The foundation is also no longer listed as the primary contact on the Drag Queen Story Hour Milwaukee Branch Facebook page

Curious. It can’t be that children don’t still need “glamorous, positive and unabashedly queer role models.” Perhaps the foundation is concerned that people will infer some sort of connection between the DQSH movement and criminals who produce, share and get off on “images and videos of children being sexually abused.”

Cream City Foundation’s DQSH page, before and after

Perhaps they are concerned people will conclude, as many have, that when drag queen Dylan Pontiff famously said of this movement, “This is going to be the grooming of the next generation,” he had more in mind than “raising people to be loving and caring individuals” free of anti-LGBTQIA bigotry, but something more along the lines of, say, populating the sex-slave pipeline for the unending gratification of pedophilic monsters. 

One need only attend one of these DQSH events to conclude that “raising people to be loving and caring individuals” is not what they are about. Our little Rosary group — across the street from the Colectivo facility in which the event was taking place — was treated to shouts of “F*** you,” “Hail Satan,” “F***ing kill yourselves,” “You are human garbage,” “Get out of our neighborhood,” and other forms of mockery and harassment. Granted, we were crashing their party, but we did so legally and peacefully, and my Rosary rally compatriots and I have experienced this demonic reaction at every DQSH event at which we’ve prayed. Where is the love? Where is the care? And in what universe is this behavior a good example for children?    


Lastly, we ask, where do Cream City Foundation’s corporate, academic and community supporters stand in all this? They seem to have successfully distanced themselves from the Blomme debacle. But now that the in-person DQSH machine is slithering back into action, are they still funding it? It’s hard to know because the foundation’s partners and supporters webpage has been deleted as well.

Do they really want to encourage children to bind themselves to lifestyles racked with abuse, dysfunction, addiction and disease?

Are these organizations going to continue pretending there is no connection between drag queen story hours and today’s multi-billion-dollar sex-trafficking (i.e., slavery) industry? Do they really want to encourage children to bind themselves to lifestyles racked with abuse, dysfunction, addiction and disease? Are they truly blind to the spiritual lethality of participating in and supporting these lifestyles and the eternity of torment that awaits those who fail to repent?

The funding and implementation of Black slavery in America was evil, and its eradication is certainly something to celebrate. By the grace of God, let’s all work together to eradicate sexual and spiritual slavery as well.

— Campaign 30192 —

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