Media’s Blind Eye


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News anchor: “Black lives Matter protesters taking to the streets to call for justice.”

The Luciferian media are constantly spotlighting injustices against Black people in the United States and Palestinian Muslims in the Middle East. Yet, while there are good reasons to cover the plight of these populations, many larger injustices go ignored.

For example, the current number of Palestinian casualties reported in their latest skirmish with Israel is around 250. While each of these people is an unrepeatable image of God, every year thousands of Black people are killed in America’s city streets by other Blacks. But the public doesn’t hear about this. It appears, according to the media, these Black lives don’t matter.

Only when police can be painted racist do we hear about a few of them. And the media make sure they become household names.

Narrator: “Trevon Martin, Jordan Davis, Walter Scott, Philando Castile, Breonna Taylor, Daniel Prude, George Floyd, Dante Wright.”

Further, the roughly 250 Palestinians recently killed in their current conflict with Israel is about the same number of Christians killed by Muslims in Nigeria every few weeks. This year an average of 368 Black Christians have been brutally killed each month. And this has been going on for two decades.

But a deafening silence permeates the mainstream media on these ongoing atrocities — as if these Black lives don’t matter.

Alveda King: “My uncle, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., valued the sanctity of life. Uncle ML, Martin Luther King, said the negro cannot win if he’s willing to sacrifice the futures of his children for immediate personal comfort and safety.”

And, of course, never does the pro-death media mention the disproportionately high number of Black babies murdered in America’s abortuaries each year — millions in the past five decades.

Christina Bennett: “In New York, sadly, there were more Black children that die yearly that are even born. Abortion is the No. 1 cause of death in the Black community.”

As the fake news media relentlessly upholds their oppressor vs. oppressed narrative to maintain control over the culture, it’s evident the real goal of the Left is to expunge the influence of Christianity from the world. In their futile attempt to kill Christ a second time, the leftist media ignore the greatest injustices of our time.


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