There’s No Place Like Home

May 14, 2021  •  
Tracy Earl Welliver

Welcome mat at a front door to house

Where do you get the best night’s sleep? For me, it’s in my own bed. I don’t even really know why. There’s something about the texture of the sheets, the groove I’ve worn in the pillow. The mattress seems to recognize my shape. I’ve got a job that sees me traveling often and I’ve stayed in plenty of nice places. But there’s just no sleep like the sleep you get at home.

There’s a feeling that we have when we’re at home. Our bodies seem to recognize it when we walk in the door. There’s a relaxation that kicks in, a peace that falls over us. I think that’s what Heaven will be like. It won’t be pleasure or happiness — those words aren’t enough to describe what it feels like to be at home, are they? It’s more than that.

If you ever wonder why there is pain in this world, it’s because we’re not at home.

That’s not to say we don’t belong here. Through God’s mercy, this beautiful world is where we live out our earthly existence, and those existences can be filled with amazing relationships and profound experiences. In fact, we might enjoy our time here so much that we don’t want to leave.

But there’s a reason this life has so many things that don’t make sense: loss, fear, anger, sickness, hatred. It’s because we weren’t made for this place. For our souls, it’s like a never-ending night in a hotel bed.

— Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS


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