Kennedy 2.0: Biden’s New America


Across the span of time and on spiritual battlefields, an epic battle has been raging between God and a powerful, evil spirit—Satan. This battle has impacted the course of history in powerful ways and continues to do so among men. This ongoing quest to be first, to rule over others, is an echo of the supernatural battle and spans all aspects of mankind and is especially prevalent in the political realm.

For example, many similarities exist between the current Biden administration and John F. Kennedy’s “Camelot.” Unfortunately, the current administration lacks the elegance, intelligence and charisma of the former.

A bit of background: The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is headquartered in New York, founded in 1921 and is the epicenter for the elite.  The Council became more formalized in the 1930’s as money and resources began to pour in. Interestingly, the organizational philosophy appears to be very similar today as it was in the early 20th century.

Upon review of the CFR and its members, their philosophy and mission appear to be saying:

  • We, the elite ruling class are the best and brightest. 
  • We know what’s best for society. 
  • God is not relevant except for keeping the people in line. 
  • The execution of our plan is always covert because the common man does not possess the ability to think at our level. 
  • Finally, (and if it were not so terrifying it would be comical) the plan seems to originate with the unrestrained hubris of wealthy business leaders who believe their resume transcends God, natural law and the dignity and freedom of the individual.

The CFR’s plans also include a one world order style government with little room for national identity. Some country identity must remain, however, as it helps promote the illusion of normalcy, lest they risk telegraphing a disruption to the status quo. The parameters must also appear to be in place, despite the ultimate plan to overturn the country’s governance.

Behind the ideologies of the CFR are the Rockefellers, Fords and others from America’s post Gilded Age, which spanned the 1860s to 1896.  Aside from outward appearance and sartorial sense, they are remarkably similar in their belief system. For example, their predecessors wore suits, while their modern-day counterparts such as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey wear black t-shirt/woke/nerd quasi-Hipster style attire. The exception is the suit-wearing George Soros. Their pathology is shockingly identical in arrogance and scope; and goes something like this:

  • We have no belief in God. 
  • We are brilliant. 
  • We know better than you. 
  • Our plan is born solely from the deep recesses of our brilliance. A brilliance which you the unwashed masses, do not possess. 
  • Remain silent.
  • Believe the monolithic narrative from OUR media.
  • Believe the “fact checkers” we hired. 
  • You will be happy and cared for. 

Kennedy and Biden

The most pronounced commonality is a world view in line with a re-baptism or fundamental belief in the societal necessity of central planning. Call it communism, socialism, democratic socialism or some other linguistic derivative but, it’s all the same at its core. The commonalities are the deep state in a partnership with media, academia and big tech/business. The unifying structure are organizations like the Council of Foreign Relations and its subgroups the Trilateral Commission and Bilderberg, as well as The World Economic Forum at Davos.

The terms overreach or conspiracy theory are often hurled from the left at those daring to challenge the narrative.  After all, the CIA invented the term conspiracy theory to delegitimize its detractors.

WikiLeaks Julian Assange 

In late January 2018, WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, publicized a comprehensive list of businesses, governmental and media influencers who were members of the Council on Foreign Relations. This was incredibly important as the election of Donald Trump and the populist movement shook those on the left to the core. The behind-the-scenes power brokers had anointed Hillary Clinton and it was clear her loss meant there was a very real populist movement represented by Trump. This was not acceptable.

Assange Tweeted a graphic created by Swiss Propaganda Research (SPR) (a research project on geopolitical propaganda in Swiss media) which illustrated the heavy influence CFR exercises over the media narrative delivered to the American public.

This was quite literally, domestic propaganda.

The American Empire and its Media

Why do you think the media would not accept the possibility of a President Trump when he began gaining in popularity? The result of his win was four years of daily character assassinations.

What was most stunning? The entire mainstream media was complicit except for Fox News.  Most interesting, was that detractors from the message “elect Joe Biden and Orange Man bad,” were attacked, cancelled or most flagrantly, censored. The examples are too numerous to go into here.

June 2018 From the Free Thought Project:

The illustration of the Council’s deeply entrenched media presence is based on official membership rosters compiled by Swiss Propaganda Research (SPR), revealing the interconnectedness of CFR’s extensive mass media influence network and its main international affiliate groups—the Bilderberg Group (covering mainly the U.S. and Europe) and the Trilateral Commission (covering North America, Europe and East Asia).

According to the report from SPR:

Largely unbeknownst to the general public, many media executives and top journalists of almost all major US news outlets have long been members of the influential Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). 

Assange was arrested in 2019 and faces charges of up to 175 years in prison. 

It seems obvious the media had a preferential relationship with JFK and certainly Biden.  It was almost as both were deemed untouchable, and off limits to any real criticism. This is simply because they both were anointed by the elite power brokers.

John F. Kennedy:

Any glancing observer of American history is aware of the chummy relationship JFK had with the media. They protected his clean image and were absolutely fawning over him. Today we know more of his sexual proclivities and addictions. At the time however, “Saint Jack” as many Catholic families dubbed him was the all-American boy; Ivy League, charming, clever, Irish Catholic (about as Catholic as Biden), beautiful wife and kids. He seemed like a walking talking photo op.

Yet, this guy was a sex addict and had a significant drug dependency. Kennedy had serious health issues, such as back pain, Addison’s Disease (endocrine disorder) and a slew of medical problems his entire life. He took many prescription medications, including corticosteroids; both oral and implanted as pellets, procaine and a number of other painkillers. He also frequently took large doses of antibiotics, as well as amphetamines and other drugs from Max Jacobson, the original “Dr. Feelgood.” The press knew all about his sex and drug addictions, but said nothing.

JFK and the UN

Barely nine months into his administration, Kennedy traveled to UN headquarters in New York on September 25, 1961, to present a proposal entitled Freedom from War: The United States Program For General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World. This is where the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) referenced earlier, becomes central. Secretary of State Dean Rusk, member of CFR and huge supporter of the UN was head of the Rockefeller Foundation for 10 years before being tapped for the cabinet position. Robert McNamara Secretary of Defense was also a member of CFR.

A reading of the document itself confirms that disarmament “would proceed to a point where no state would have the military power to challenge the progressively strengthened U.N. Peace Force….” In other words, the only significant military power left in the world would be the United Nations. Kennedy presented a plan to disarm the United States in favor of a United Nations Peace Force. As Senator Joseph Clark of Pennsylvania approvingly reminded his colleagues in a Senate speech on March 1, 1962, this program is “the fixed, determined and approved policy of the government of the United States.” Who approved this policy? Certainly not the legislative branch of the government. (Note: Is it me or, is there an exact connection to the lefts gun control argument? Hand over your guns. The State will keep you safe. Except of course, neither individual criminals nor criminal nations tend to observe laws.)

JFK and Spies

Kennedy knew about Soviet spies and most CFR members were keenly aware of it. Aggressive anti-communist guys like Joseph McCarthy were in the final analysis, correct. McCarthy spoke the truth. This is very dangerous to the power brokers of the CFR because this impedes their economic and social plans behind the scenes. Therefore, they become a target. Think about this, McCarthy, like Trump, represented an existential threat to the One World agenda. McCarthy like Trump needed to be discredited and cancelled quickly. Regarding McCarthy, it is now known that Soviet operatives were active within the US government during World War II. In the 1990s, the US government declassified the Venona files, a collection of Soviet communications that were decoded by American intelligence during World War II. The documents outlined clear evidence naming over 300 Soviet spies working in the US Government, including high-ranking officials in the Roosevelt administration who had access to top-secret information.

Among those found to be Soviet spies were: US Treasury official Harry Dexter White, State Department official Alger Hiss and Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, the couple executed by electric chair for transmitting military and atomic secrets to the Soviet Union. These facts were hidden or obscured from the public by leftist politicians, academics, and the left-wing media.

This information may have a familiar ring to it. Today Joe McCarthy is laughed at or referenced as lunatic fringe or an unhinged man. Liberals and the media have done this to Donald Trump ever since he descended down the escalator from Trump Tower announcing his plans to run for president. When he won, they tried to destroy him. He is no longer President. He is out of office. Yet, they still impeached him.

Kennedy knew Joe McCarthy was  right, but he didn’t care. His personal lust for power and historical legacy was far more important than the American people or upholding the Constitution.

Otto Otepka

An authentic American patriot, Otto Otepka was the Deputy Director of the United States State Department in Office of Security in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Otepka was in charge of vetting clearances for the State Department, and he gained public attention when he was sidelined and then later fired by Secretary of State Dean Rusk. Otepka was punished for not clearing names proposed by the Kennedy administration for employment in the State Department. Some of these names had previously been banned during the Eisenhower Administration.

Otepka’s biggest “heresy,” however, was stating to the Senate subcommittee that, despite his explicit warnings the State Department had continued to process under blanket waivers nearly 400 people in the roles of file clerks and secretaries. Otepka’s point was valid. Many intelligence officers were aware that it’s often easier for a clerk or a trusted secretary to walk off the premises with a top-secret document than it would be for an official at the top level, for fear he is being watched. His statement greatly alarmed the senators.

More alarming, Otepka added there was an effort underway to reinstate Alger Hiss to the State Department. Many historians would argue at the time, all that was known was that Hiss had been convicted of perjury and had been accused of espionage. This is nonsense. The CFR members of the White House and its inner circle were aware of Hiss. He was accused of espionage and was an enthusiastic supporter of empowering the United Nations.

Connect the dots.

As with McCarthy and Trump, Otepka had to go and he was eventually fired. This came at great personal loss as Otepka was constantly being courted by the private sector, presumably based on his talent and integrity. Fortunately, Otepka was later appointed by Richard Nixon to a position on the Subversive Activities Control Board; he retired in 1972.

Joseph R. Biden

At the Lepanto Institute, we have often discussed Biden’s ridiculous assent to the White House: The Great Reset, All Roads lead to China, The New Technocracy. It was patently obvious Biden, in the face of obvious impropriety or criminal activity, impaired mental ability and lacking talent, was bullet proof.

To recap

Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, was peddling his father’s influence for large cash payouts from the CCP.  The evidence documented on a laptop that the drug addict son was too hammered (or stupid) to pick up from the computer repair guy. When the repair store owner went public, the media barely acknowledges it.

Tony Babulinski, ex-Hunter Biden associate, comes forward with a public statement that Joe Biden knew directly about Hunter receiving huge sums of money from the CCP. He hands over cell phones, emails and other evidence to the FBI. Again, little significant coverage from the media.

The NY Post reports on this story.

Twitter shuts down the NY Post.

Biden does not bother to campaign.

He’s never questioned about it.

Biden’s obvious and continual gaffs and questions about his mental acuity are never addressed. After the first debate, Biden supporters secretly breathed a collective sigh of relief when he showed up dressed and was reasonably coherent.

Biden has clearly promoted a relationship with China.

His family profited from it.

China is our enemy. If you do not understand this, you need to. (See our show All Roads Lead to China for a comprehensive overview.)

Biden and Communism

According to Sky News Australia there are over two million operating Chinese spies living and working in the Western world. The estimate is that 1 to 1.5 million are  actively working in the United States. China has no equal or historical precedent in terms of amassing the largest intelligence gathering network in the history of the world. They make the Russians during the Cold War look like amateurs. Further, their intelligence gathering is aimed squarely at the United States. The former Head of the US Intelligence, John Ratcliff said China is our number one threat.

China’s operational modus operando is shockingly transparent:

Rob, replicate and reproduce.

Their stated goal is world economic and military supremacy. Yet, Joe Biden clearly and emphatically states they are “not our enemies “and he has no intention of doing to stop their quest for power. In fact, he wants to roll back anything Trump did to fight this tsunami. Like Kennedy, he is opening the door and escorting in our enemy. His payoff is that if he continues to provide access to Chinas cheap labor for the CFR elite, which destroys the American worker, he gets a guarantee of keeping his power and influence. Additionally, course there are the proceeds from his families influence peddling.

Biden’s policies (like JFK’s policy at the UN) are aimed at literally hurting the United States. Biden is rejoining the Paris Climate Accord. This is a painfully stupid course for someone claiming to represent the interest of the U.S. China and India have no carbon reduction mandate and we do; so, what other conclusion can be drawn?

Biden cancelled the Keystone Pipeline and 11,000 jobs disappeared. We were exporting oil and for the first time in 30 years, no longer relying on to the Middle East for energy. When asked about this loss of jobs for coal and gas workers, John Kerry, Biden’s Climate Ambassador suggested they “make better choices” for greener jobs. The Biden administration has said they are creating “green jobs.” I am certain that will come as a relief to those 11,000 former Keystone Pipeline workers. I am “certain” they can walk across the street as I hear Solyndra is hiring. (Solyndra: A U.S. Government backed solar energy company under Obama and Biden. Result: A monumental failure costing taxpayers billions.) Incidentally, John Kerry is the one who flies around on his private jet and once attempted to impede wind turbine installation as it would obstruct his view at his Nantucket Island estate.

Biden guts ICE in January, 2021, resulting in a 200 percent increase in illegal border crossings.

Why is Biden giving away American sovereignty and American jobs.

If this sounds familiar, it is Kennedy 2.0

Both John F. Kennedy and Joseph Biden are appeasing their behind-the-scenes overlords by purposefully attempting to put the U.S. at a disadvantage.

JFK’s treasonous actions had more of an emphasis militarily. Biden’s treason is more of an economic crime and aimed directly at the expense of the American worker. In 1962, the Communists thought we would need to go to war, but they have learned and have become quite sophisticated at the knowledge they can do it without firing a shot.

Kennedy payoff from the global elites was his legacy in history as a brilliant peacemaker and statesman. On its own merits, an incredible example of hubris. If his plan to the UN was successful, JFK may arguably have been remembered for history’s greatest blunder. For this chance at infamy, he was willing to exchange the sovereignty and dominance of the US Armed Forces and hand them right over to UN (Communist) command. All this while keeping the door open for the entry of Soviet spies.

Biden’s payoff for handing over our economic world supremacy to the Council on Foreign Relations and the other elites is like his unoriginal intellectual cognizance. (He has been caught several times publicly lying about his academic achievements and has plagiarized speeches often in his career.) He is doing this for personal wealth and power. All the while he is keeping the door open for the 1.5 million Chinese CCP spies that are here.

John F. Kennedy was a stooge a pawn.

Joseph Biden is a stooge and a pawn.

The real similarity between the two men are ties to organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations. How else can you defend their de facto anti-American policy decisions? This makes no sense unless you view it from this lens. There is barely a difference between the two men when one considers the ultimate ramifications of their self-serving decisions made from the Oval Office; such as handing our Republic over to the global overlords for personal gain.  The other differences in the final analysis are merely superficial. One man was polished in appearance and ability to communicate. The other man, not at all.

We need to understand how this game is played to fight it. The hidden, behind the scenes elite seem to have an endless supply of politicians willing to sell out our country. The cold and hard reality is if we do not stop these “Kennedy’s or Biden’s” (or Bush’s and Clinton’s for that matter) the structure of our republic may proceed to a point of no return. America elected Joseph Biden because he was not Donald Trump. America was sick of the discord. We looked the other way as our instincts told there was something definitely wrong with the last election. Our cities were on fire. Maybe if we put Biden in there, the fighting will stop.  Perhaps it will go back to “normal.”

Yes, with Trump out of the way, America most certainly did go back to normal.

It’s the same story. The same battle of evil and power.


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