Study: CDC Illegally Inflated COVID-19 Deaths


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ATLANTA ( – A leading virologist who proposed the laboratory origin for the Wuhan virus has defended a groundbreaking study accusing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of illegally inflating the fatality count from the Wuhan virus pandemic.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

In an article published Sunday, Dr. James Lyons-Weiler, head of the Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge, demolished a rebuttal by Facebook’s “fact-checking” partner Health Feedback which claimed that “the CDC didn’t change the rules on cause-of-death reporting.”

“There was, in fact, an important material change in how COVID deaths should be recorded from 2003 to the present,” Dr. Lyons-Weiler asserted, demonstrating with evidence how the CDC altered its guidance for reporting deaths in April 2020 from its own 2003 rules.

The October study by 10 international scientists published in the Science, Public Health Policy, and The Law journal shows how the CDC discarded the data collecting system it had designed and used nationwide for 17 years in favor of “an untested and unproven system” used exclusively for counting COVID-19 fatalities “without discussion and peer-review.”

I honestly don’t believe you have to falsify the numbers to get your point across to the public, and yet I really feel like that’s what the CDC is still doing.

The nation’s federal health protection agency “knowingly altered rules for reporting cause of death in the presence of comorbidity exclusively for COVID-19” and breached “several federal laws that ensure data accuracy and integrity,” the study noted.

Only Debunkers Were Peer-Reviewed

Lead scientist Dr. Henry L. Ealy told Church Militant that the article exposing the CDC “went through an extensive month’s long formal peer-review and is published in a legitimate scientific journal, so any claims to the contrary are uninformed and call into question the investigative thoroughness of the author and media outlet purporting them.”

Ealy explained:

The only way to fact-check our work is to independently audit each COVID death certificate based upon clinical history, as well as the date and cycle threshold value of any accompanying RT-qPCR testing. This will likely create three distinct categories: people who died from the SARS-COV-2 virus, people who died due to comorbid complications and people who were improperly categorized likely due to unethical financial incentives.

We welcome such an audit in an attempt to disprove our findings, which have more to do with how federal laws appear to have been violated than numbers. We are all human, and billions of people have suffered. It’s time we begin using accurate data and end the suffering.

The team of scientists alleges that “the CDC published guidelines on March 24, 2020 that substantially altered how cause of death is recorded exclusively for COVID-19” apparently “without public opportunity for comment or peer-review.”

Crisis ‘May Not Have Existed’

This “capricious alteration to data collection has compromised the accuracy, quality, objectivity, utility and integrity of their published data, leading to a significant increase in COVID-19 fatalities,” the study discovered.

Dr. Scott Jensen explains how the CDC changed rules to inflate COVID-19 mortality numbers


The researchers emphasized:

Federal agencies have a legal obligation to provide the most accurate data to the public, fellow agencies and policy makers they are advising, and they have a responsibility to abide by every federal law. This responsibility to collect, analyze, and publish data accurately, transparently, and with unquestionable integrity increases exponentially during a national crisis.

The potential violation of the laws on data collection has “inevitably resulted in COVID-19 data for cases, hospitalizations, and fatalities being artificially elevated, and definitively compromises prudent decision making at federal and state executive levels.”

Brenda Bock, coroner for Grand County, Colorado

If the CDC had abided by the laws ensuring the accuracy of data collection, we would not have had policies enforced “for a public health crisis that may not have existed,” the study concluded.

The Politifact “fact-checking” site, which receives funding from Facebook and TikTok, also alleged that the study was false.

Data Cleanup

In February, Colorado’s Grand County coroner Brenda Bock said she was making efforts to remove a couple who died of murder-suicide from the state’s COVID-19 death count. The couple had tested positive for COVID-19 in the month before they died.

“I honestly don’t believe you have to falsify the numbers to get your point across to the public, and yet I really feel like that’s what the CDC is still doing,” Bock told commissioners.

In December, the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) announced it would subtract hundreds of deaths from its count of COVID-19 fatalities as a result of methodological improvements after the Freedom Foundation investigation found that fatalities were being inflated.

DOH officials admitted to knowingly including multiple deaths caused by gunshot wounds in the state’s COVID-19 fatality count.

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