Lawsuit Against the NAC


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A prominent American seminary in Vatican City and the New York archdiocese are being sued for corruption involving many players bent on protecting their homosexual subculture.

The Pontifical North American College, or NAC, along with Cdl. Timothy Dolan as head of the New York archdiocese, are facing complaints of misconduct against subordinates, abuse cover-up and retaliation against whistleblowers.

A press release explains “many closeted bishops and priests about to be named may be outed, with graphic descriptions of gay clerical sex.”

A Manhattan attorney representing former seminarian Anthony Gorgia is spearheading the landmark case-in-the-making.

Gorgia, a model Catholic with a demonstrable track record of service and excellence, suffered retaliation after witnessing inappropriate behavior in Vatican City.

As a seminarian, he witnessed NAC vice rector and D.C. priest Fr. Adam Park give a seminarian what he described as an inappropriate back massage.

Park was that seminarian’s formation adviser and often touched him in what the seminarian described as hurtful “back slaps.”

Cardinal Dolan was highly supportive of Gorgia before the then-seminarian witnessed Park’s predatory behavior.

But after, NAC rector, Illinois priest Peter Harman, suddenly alleged Gorgia failed to “follow proper protocol.”

The rector further claimed Gorgia showed “resistance to act upon concerns” regarding human formation.

Dolan sided with the NAC, forbidding Gorgia to return for the academic year.

The cardinal then ordered he spend eight months in a non-academic parish assignment. This move would have required Gorgia to admit he did something wrong, when he didn’t, and stalled his journey to priesthood.

Dolan has a history of cover-up and being pro-gay.

As grand marshal of the St. Patrick Day’s Parade in 2014, he welcomed a move for gays and lesbians to march under their own banner for the first time.

As Milwaukee’s archbishop in 2013, Dolan tried to move $57 million to protect Church funds from victims of clerical sex abuse.

In New York, a leaked transcript exposed Dolan’s 2016 victim’s compensation program as a scheme to avoid paying settlements to abuse victims.

The press release notes, “Gorgia is only one of hundreds of other seminarians retaliated against for not being complicit with misconduct permeating their seminaries.”

Victimized seminarians typically go away quietly, seeing no way to fight the corrupt system.

Gorgia and his attorney are fighting back.

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