Pro-Life ‘Boots on the Ground’


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AUSTIN, Texas ( — Pro-lifers across the great state of Texas are gathering to improve their advocacy and demand an end to abortion.

Veronica Smither

Texas Right to Life (TRTL) will conduct its Eighth annual Boots on the Ground Conference Jan. 23–24 in Austin, Texas.

TRTL has been fighting for the preborn since the 1960s and emerged as the preeminent and most effective voice for life in Texas. 

The Education Director for TRTL, Veronica Smither, conveyed the following open invitation for the event to Church Militant: “Become a trained pro-life advocate, march to the Capitol to protest Roe v. Wade and return to your community and save lives.”

Smither noted the event will “feature Planned Parenthood’s racist agenda, fetal development, adoption, post-abortive healing, pregnancy resources, how to overturn Roe v. Wade, faith and reason, natural law, and the Left’s effort to redefine life featuring keynote speaker Matt Walsh.”

She encouraged people to arm themselves with truth: “We know that you want to be a courageous pro-life advocate. In order to do that, you need to be equipped with pro-life knowledge and resources.”

The pro-life advocate noted that many pro-lifers don’t have time to research the related issues or to practice dialogue on their own and that this can seem overwhelming.

“You deserve to know how to defend your pro-life beliefs,” she elaborated. “We understand how hard discussing pro-life issues can be with people who don’t agree with you, which is why we host the Boots on the Ground conference every January — so pro-life Texans like you can learn from pro-life experts.”

This year’s theme, “Save the Tiny Texans,” highlights the organization’s main objective in the state’s next legislative session of abolishing abortion laws in Texas. The two-day event will feature numerous speakers, a pro-life march on the capitol, and Mass for Catholic attendees. You can register at

Aggressive lobbying isn’t the only way the organization fights. Events like Boots on the Ground have contributed to hundreds of students on dozens of campuses working to see that abortion is outlawed and to grow the state’s culture of life.

The organization’s primary opposition in the Republican stronghold comes not from liberals, but from faux-life organizations too timid to overturn abortion as well as from faux Republicans in what’s called the RINO-establishment (Republicans In Name Only) and the Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops (TCCB).

Save the Tiny Texans.

After an initial partnership with pro-life organizations across the state to pass the Texas Advanced Directives Act, TRTL stood alone when it came to making improvements to the law. Most notably, TRTL sought to eliminate the prejudicial 10-Day Rule, which has allowed Texas hospitals to unilaterally terminate treatment for their patients.

The TCCB rebuked Texas Right to Life in 2018 over its strategic policies fighting abortion and owing to TRTL’s advocacy of patient’s rights.

Church Militant has reported on multiple instances of hospitals abusing this law, including the case of Tinslee Lewis. Cook Children’s Hospital said back in 2019 Lewis would only live a few months but she’s now into her second year of life. Her rights are continuing to be fought for in the courts, and Church Militant will continue to report on her case as updates become available. 

In an unprecedented event in 2020, Bp. Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas publicly came out in opposition to the organizational policy of the TCCB and has been an outspoken supporter of Lewis.

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