Catholic-Funded Network Continues Shilling for Democrat Candidates


Dear Bishops and Bureaucrats of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops:

Ten years ago, after being caught giving funding to groups promoting abortion, contraception and homosexuality, you promised a review and renewal.

Now, ten years later, you are still funding groups promoting these grave moral evils and worse. Right now, you have grantees promoting open revolution, violence and the election of political candidates that promote wicked agendas.

Ten years ago, you lied to us. You – meaning the USCCB, the bureaucrats that run it and the bishops who enable it. You don’t speak for the church! You don’t speak for the good bishops trying to shepherd their dioceses, to whom you lie about these collections! You don’t speak for the good priests that care about their sheep! You are fleecing the flock to fund your socialist political fantasies, and you know it. We know it also, because you would have fixed the problem when we brought it to your attention ten years ago – and every year since – if you actually wanted to. Instead, you lie — to us, to the good bishops, to the good priests and to the faithful!

We’ve proven this time and again. Most recently, we exposed one of your favorite networks for openly campaigning for political candidates, exposing youth to wicked agendas, openly promoting active homosexual lifestyles including transgenderism, and flagrantly calling for violence in our cities.

What have you done about this?

Nothing, except to lie!

Despite your promises to reform, your promises to investigate, and your promises to implement stricter and tighter guidelines and oversight processes, you have done absolutely nothing to actually fix the problem. In fact, the Faith in Action Network (formerly PICO), whose twenty-nine affiliates you have granted over $1.5 million just this past year, is still, even now, actively violating CCHD grant guidelines regarding partisan activity!

Despite our previous reports on this matter, Faith in Action’s major campaign called Live Free is still openly campaigning and fundraising for pro-abortion, pro-LGBT Democrat candidates!

Starting immediately after the 2020 US elections, Faith in Action’s Live Free project began gearing up for the run-off Georgia Senate elections set for next January.

For instance, Live Free retweeted Stacy Abrams’ Nov 6 call to support Democratic senatorial candidates Raphael Warnock (who supports abortion and same-sex “marriage”) and Jon Ossoff (who is also pro-abortion and pro-sodomy).  Abrams is also pro-abortion and for same-sex “marriage”. NOTE: Since retweets can’t be linked to directly, if you wish to see the evidence for yourself, you’ll have to scroll to the dates indicated to see it on Live Free’s twitter feed.

On Nov 8, Live Free retweeted a call for support and fundraising for these Senate races in Georgia:

Also, on Nov. 8th, Live Free retweeted an endorsement for Warnock that links to his fundraising page.

On November 10th, Live Free posted yet another “all hands on deck” call for fundraising for both Warnock and Ossoff.

Again, on November 10th, Live Free retweeted another call for partisan fund raising.

So, USCCB, what are you going to do about this? Your funding shows that you support these partisan activities. Your continued lack of action confirms it.

The CCHD needs to end all operations, IMMEDIATELY. And, to any good bishop reading this, the time to stand up to this is NOW. For the sake of your own souls and the souls of the faithful in your care, please do not remain silent, but end this wicked program once and for all.

Sincerely in Christ the King,

The Lepanto Institute


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